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This comprehensive guide is a valuable tool for patients who have been hospitalized with a heart attack, and also for patients who have not yet had a heart attack but are at risk. Readers learn about heart attack, heart disease and how to reduce cardiovascular risk factors. Patients are encouraged to make healthy lifestyles and, if possible, participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Updated in 2021. The content follows the American Heart Association’s guidelines.

The 2017-18 edition includes:

  • • Normal heart function
  • • Coronary artery disease
  • • Heart attack
  • • Angina, taking nitroglycerin
  • • Heart attack recovery: activities, travel, medications, cardiac rehab work, intimacy
  • • Procedures to increase blood flow
  • • Managing risk factors: smoking cessation, high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids diabetes, stress, weight management
  • • Heart healthy eating, 4-page food guide
  • • New information on added sugars
  • • Current food label
  • • Updated label claims
  • • Updated information on lowering cholesterol, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans fats
  • • Updated medications list
  • • New information on sleep apnea
  • • Metabolic syndrome

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