Q: Where do you get your information?

A: Medical Advisory Boards which include physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, and other experts in specific areas of disease management help develop and review all of our products to ensure that each topic is accurate, informative, and timely. Members of our Medical Advisory Boards come from some of the most well-respected healthcare facilities in the country. Every product is periodically updated so that it reflects the latest developments in medicine.

Q: How can we tell when the product was last updated?

A: A copyright date appears on each product. Checking the copyright date will tell you the date of the last copyright filing. However, if only minimal changes occur in the text when updated, the copyright may not need to be refiled. To find out when a product was last updated, contact our customer service department. We can give you the month and year of the update and tell you exactly which portion of the content was updated.

Q: Can we use information or illustrations which appear in HERC Publishing’s books or tearpads for our materials or our website?

A: All HERC Publishing’s materials are protected by copyright, which appears on each product. No part of the text or illustrations may be reproduced for handouts, books or audiovisuals without written permission from the publisher. We do not allow our products to be copied or posted on any network computer or website. Any other use without the express written consent of HERC Publishing is prohibited by law and can result in criminal penalties. If you are a current customer and have a specific need involving the use of the text or illustrations to supplement the HERC products you are already using, please contact our customer service department so that we may discuss your needs.

Q: Is the information about our organization and buying history shared with any other companies?

A: All information submitted to HERC Publishing is managed with the utmost confidentiality. HERC Publishing will not disclose, sell, rent, license or release any of your information. We do not sell or share email addresses or any other visitor information with third parties.