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Enabling Your Patients To Manage Diabetes Through Meal Planning

Learning how to eat well is a very important part of managing diabetes. The right foods can help you keep your patients weight healthy and their blood sugars at a steady level.

A diabetes meal plan is a plan that helps your patients understand how much food to eat and the right kinds of food to eat for their meals and snacks.

While creating a meal plan for your patient based on their eating habits, schedule and tastes, it is critical to educate them on the types of foods they should avoid and include. Including take home educational materials provides them with the ability to be empowered and independent long after their visit to the office.  

A variety of foods should be included in a diabetes meal plan:

  • vegetables                              
  • whole grains                   
  • fruits{{cta(‘0520caeb-1e93-4649-8180-a9f98ee5406f’,’justifyright’)}}
  • low-fat dairy products
  • beans
  • lean meats
  • poultry and fish

As you educate patients on planning meals it’s important to provide them guidelines such as eating balanced meals throughout the day, eating a variety of foods and making sure they eat enough fiber. See below for an example document on Diabetes Meal Planning that you can order and share with your patients.

The above photo is a sample of a hand out that you should provide to your patients when they are in office or class. When creating or researching materials always make sure the information is up to date, utilizes graphics, and is easily understandable.

For more information about diabetes education and patient education material please subscribe to our Blog. At HERC publishing we take pride in providing educational materials that are easily understandable, up to date, and provide educators the materials that patients need to be educated and in control of their lives.


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