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Education On Cardiac Risk Factors

Teaching Others About Cardiac Risk Factors

A cardiac risk factor is a habit or characteristic that increases a person’s chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

Risk factors you can control:
  • use of tobacco
  • high blood pressure
  • abnormal blood lipids
  • being overweight
  • lack of regular exercise
  • diabetes or high blood sugar levels
  • poor stress management
Many people don’t have any idea there’s a problem until they have a heart attack. If you have one or more of these risk factors or if you have had symptoms, such as chest discomfort, or arm pain please see your doctor.  Early detection gives you and your doctor a  head start on reducing risk factors and beginning a treatment plan for the future.  This may entail blood pressure screening or medication to help alleviate those risk factors. 

Below is a sample of a hand out that you can provide to your patients when they are in the office or taking you class. When creating or researching materials always make sure the information is up to date, utilizes graphics, and is easily understandable. 


For more information about diabetes education and patient education material please subscribe to our Blog. At HERC Publishing we take pride in providing educational materials that are easily understandable, up to date, and provide educators the materials that patients need to be educated and in control of their lives. 

When it comes to cardiovascular education, HERC Publishing has been recognized as a leader for over 25 years. We offer best-in-quality books with beautifully illustrated diagrams. Contact us to learn how your clinic’s personal and group program needs can be met through our complete library of educational products.

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