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CGMs / Continuous Glucose Monitors

As all diabetes educators know, blood glucose monitoring is an important part of managing diabetes. The traditional way is to prick your finger and place a drop of blood on a test strip inserted in a meter for a glucose reading. Patients often hate the thought of doing this every day. CGMs or Continuous Glucose Monitors give diabetics a more convenient and painless way to get their patients to keep track of their blood sugars.
People who benefit most are those who check their CGM monitor or phone frequently and use the information to make informed decisions about their care. Controlling your glucose levels can improve your overall health and help you prevent the future diabetes complications. Start browsing our wide range of diabetes education products including our NEW tear pad on CGMs!
      This is a sample of a hand out that you should provide to your patients when they are in the office or class. When creating or researching materials always make sure the information is up to date, utilizes graphics, and is easily understandable.  For more information about diabetes education and patient education material please subscribe to our Blog. At HERC publishing we take pride in providing educational materials that are easily understandable, up to date, and provide educators the materials that patients need to be educated and in control of their lives.  

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      Continuous Glucose Monitor When it comes to diabetes education, HERC Publishing has been recognized as a leader for over 25 years. We offer best-in-quality books with beautifully illustrated diagrams. Contact us to learn how your clinic’s personal and group program needs can be met through our complete library of educational products. HERC Publishing is there for you every step of the way!


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